Monika was born and raised in Germany , where she grew up in a Lutheran church. At the age of six, she was born again and received the baptism in the Holy Spirit at the age of 12.

Monika worked in different areas of ministry (youth, evangelism, helps) for several years before moving to Tulsa in 1992 to attend RHEMA Bible Training Center from which she graduated in May 1994. After graduation she returned to Germany , where she assisted in the pioneering work of a church. She helped in various capacities, like evangelism, teaching and preaching the Word, set up of helps ministry and administration. During those years she travelled and ministered the Word in different churches in Germany and other countries. In 1999 her main focus was on itinerating, mainly overseas. In the beginning of 2000 she moved to Bonn to help John and Michelle Grunewald establish RHEMA Germany and Rhema Europe. Monika is the Director of RHEMA Bible Training Center Europe.